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Experienced teacher of 10+ years, specializing in the beginner/intermediate singers/songwriters! Students of all ages are welcome. Lessons are customized and catered to the needs/goals of each student


Record Music in World-Class Recording Studio With Top Notch Session Musicians with a customizable cost. Any Style, Any Song, Any Arrangement. We Can Even Arrange Your Song With You In The Studio.


Bring your music into a new level with stunning music video.
Promote your new track or album online by creating and uploading a music video to all your social media and personal website. Create you portfolio and show your music.


Build Confidence

Learn or improve your singing with our experienced coach Judy Bechar who have worked with the music industry for the last 25 years all around the world. As international singer she was able to restore and find the key principle of how to sing and perform with confidence.

Judy gives students a workable vocal program that allows them to build confidence with every lesson while learning to sing the way they always wanted to.


We Record Onsite or Online

We Work With Your Budget!


The Benefits of a Recording Studio
  • A recording studio will provide many advantages for your music production. …
  • Professional Sound Quality. …
  • Gain Expert Guidance. …
  • Access to Quality Equipment. …
  • Superior Editing. …
  • Control Over the Environment. …
  • Optimized Acoustics. …
  • Gain an Edge.

Recording vocals at home and using low-quality equipment or a careless approach to the recording will ruin your song. It may not be obvious, but production and recording mistakes can not be fixed on the mixing mastering stage.J


    Having a music video boosts the artist’s visibility and exposure exponentially

    Music video production is the process of creating accompanying visuals to an already existing song. It has three distinct phases, pre-production, the actual shoot, and post-production.

    Whether you’re a real beginner, or already have some experience, I’ll walk you through all steps of producing a music video that’ll help you to create your audience and conquer the music industry.


    If you are a music-maker, some part of you really wants to share your music with others and performing your music live allows you to do that directly. If it hasn’t happened already, it’s only a matter of time before someone comes up to you after the next gig to ask where he or she can hear more of your music—or even better, they want to know how they can share your music with their friends. This is where having a recording of your music opens more doors of opportunity for your music to be heard.

    For hundreds of generations, music could only exist in the very moment it was being performed. The ability to record our music and play it back to hear it in exactly the same way every time—at any time—is still relatively new in the grand scheme of things. Embrace the awesomeness of this and record your music to make it more accessible to a larger audience. Taking it further, give them a recording that you can feel really good about every time it’s heard.


    Excellent4.9 Based on 52 reviews from review us onDr. Kenny BorgasDr. Kenny Borgas ★★★★★ Judy is great!! I have only begun getting voice lessons from her and have not only improved in my singing, i understand what is going on physically. I have tried working with others in the past and they have not been able to articulate what needs to happen with the body in order to produce proper sound. My technique has improved as a result and i know with her help, i am only going to get better! Definitely recommend!!!judy becharjudy bechar ★★★★★ You CAN sing!Text or call for a FREE evaluation lesson today!Nando BernalNando Bernal ★☆☆☆☆ Not very professional. showed early stayed for an extra 20 mins nobody answered the door. Waste of gas and time. Took a lot of courage from me just to show up let alone make the appointment. Will be taking my business else where.sophie sandelinsophie sandelin ★★★★★ Judy is an amazing, talented musician and singer and teacher. Her approach is very confidence building right off the bat (like, if you’re shy, she’ll throw you right in sink or swim).I have appreciated her unique style and talent in teaching, she is so fun, positive and encouraging - she knows “people become who they're encouraged to be” and i enjoy her personality so much! Really really talented person, i feel privileged to be her student.- classically trained, raised in a family of musicians and singers.Jeff BrandeisJeff Brandeis ★★★★★ Never sang in my life, my daughter was getting married and I wanted to do something special. Together Judy and I updated a song I wrote, she got me to the point where I sounded good which I never imagined and then created a montage video of me singing, playing guitar and showing pictures of my daughter growing up. A true production. Received great feedback at the wedding and it was a hit. A great experience.Chris ArataChris Arata ★★★★★ Judy is awesome. She is extremely knowledgeable and a great teacher. I highly recommend her!מ. קריוקיאמ. קריוקיא ★★★★★ Judy made me believe in myself and in my ability to sing again, I will forever be thankful for everything she did for me and for all the drills we’ve been doing in order to help my voice and myself to grow!Andromeda EAndromeda E ★★★★★ My daughters have both loved Judy tremendously. My youngest ability to hear when she is off or on key was her biggest hurtle and is vastly improved.Linda FergusonLinda Ferguson ★★★★★ Working with Judy is fantastic. She is such an experienced performer and excellent singer herself and has perfected the systems that have allowed her to remain one of the best. That is what she teaches to me, and she’s an excellent teacher. I’m learning quickly and already singing better than I ever have ❤️Keren AshkenazyKeren Ashkenazy ★★★★★ Judi is pure fun, she can make singing professionally a reality without breaking your spirit. Totally recommend ❤️Prasad TarePrasad Tare ★★★★★ My daughter who was 12 took voice lessons from Judy for more than two years. We absolutely loved her coaching and my daughters voice matured and transformed!My daughter is now using that to build a singer-songwriter career!Thank You Judy!RonRon ★★★★★ Judy is refreshing and encouraged this 87 year old man that I can sing. I didn't really think I had a good voice even when she said I did. Then I sang solos at my church and was complimented on how good I did. So yes, thanks to Judy I can sing. Thank you Judy!Julian RiveraJulian Rivera ★★★★★ Judy Bechar is a UNIQUE BEING! I experienced her professionalism first hand.She can help any artist singing from Opera, to Mariachi or playing piano. You name it!!!She can change the tone’s audience within minutes and create a real product; caring for the person in every sense!One person was antagonistic to listen to the piano; Judy started playing the piano and the whole room got frozen and we’re just listening in awe ! At the end everybody was clapping and wanted her to continue playing!!Don’t believe what I say and try it for yourself; if you want to improve as a person and artistic level!flybarb flybarbflybarb flybarb ★★★★★ She is a wonderful performer and teacher. Her voice is heavenly!!! I follow her anywhere.❤️Pilar GonzalezPilar Gonzalez ★★★★★ My niece learned how to sing with Judy. She went from 0 singing to a professional singer! Judy is the best teacher ever!😘❤️אורנה גבעוןאורנה גבעון ★★★★★ She is one of a kindJingle MingleJingle Mingle ★★★★★ Judy Bechar has coached me so I can perform anywhere I want! In a small restaurant? At school? On a big and very professional stage? All of it!From day one I knew Judy was one of a kind singing coach. I improved rapidly and it was like, "Oh hey, over here, I found my voice!"Kira JamesKira James ★★★★★ When it comes to Judy she really knows her singing but she also makes you feel very comfortable and at home. When she was helping me on a project she knew exactly what to say and do to help me. Judy made me want to sing more than I already did, she’s a powerful artist and teacher. Anyone who works with her is lucky and you will get more than they asked for and expected! If you are looking into working with her take this as your sign to do it now.David PomeranzDavid Pomeranz ★★★★★ Judy Bechar is a miracle worker. She personally helped me get though a recent "vocal crisis" by giving me tools that handled it beautifully. I've seen the results of her teaching students of every age and they all - one for one- gain a self confidence and improved ability that comes from a) her true care for the person and b) a knowledge and technical expertise that can only come from being, herself one of the finest singers on the planet, who wouldn't want to study with her? She's simply the best there is.Lily PainchaudLily Painchaud ★★★★★ Judy is an amazing voice coach! I've always dreamed of singing and in only a few sessions, she really unlocked my potential! I even performed in front of an audience a couple of times since. Worth it! 10 out of 10 would recommend!Melena CiderMelena Cider ★★★★★ The best experience in learning how to sing with this company. From I never could sing to I CAN SING and I like my voice! Before I didn’t like it!Rob MeisterRob Meister ★★★★★ As a pro singer, I am always really happy when I meet someone that has knew knowledge to share and more importantly is able to share that know-how in an easily receivable manner. Judy is such a person! She is total pro that knows what she is taking about!Sandra Milena PovedaSandra Milena Poveda ★★★★★ Is incredible!!! Judy is full of magic and art!!! I have learned with her about music, singing and something fantastic…. she helps you to just be there and create and create!! Judy is wonderful!!!Shauna McDanielShauna McDaniel ★★★★★ I absolutely loved working with Judy and so glad I decided to take lessons!I had given up on singing and music many years ago (as I didn’t have much success back then) but when I saw some of her ads I thought: why not?I’m so glad I started working with her as I went from not singing anymore and not being confident, to singing all the time and confident enough to sing with friends & family who play instruments and do karaoke. I’ve gotten several compliments on my voice since working with her (which is new for me!) it has been very enjoyable for me and felt like I regained a creativity that was missing. The techniques she teaches are really effective.MookyMooky ★★★★★ Judi is the best vocal teacher I know. She is a great music producer and real professional. She care for her students guide them and get the best out of their ability to sing. She encourage their talent and take away their fears.Thank you Judi for being what you are.Chris AlexanderChris Alexander ★★★★★ Judy is wonderful with her teaching method and her ability to push me to achieve my singing goals. 🙂 Since working with Judy, my range has increased and I am so much more comfortable singing. And she helped me produce 6 songs so far!Nicole BowlingNicole Bowling ★★★★★ Judy is simply extraordinary! I started to see her back in April/ May of 2022. She helped me write my very first song plus orchestrate it. We plan on recording sometime this year in a recording studio with professional videography. With in so little time, it didn't even take a year for me and I have tremendously accomplished so much. I've exceeded in my confidence in front of the camera as well as on stage. I've learned how to train my voice as well as exercise my vocal vords. I have been singing for many years but she has given me more knowledge than any one I have ever known. Because of her, I am a better singer! She is worth everything and more! She also works around your schedule to meet your needs. People please do not hesitate to contact her. I promise you, you will not only see a difference you will make a difference!Tracy StarrTracy Starr ★★★★★ Judy is delightful to work with. She is playful, charismatic and comforting and even though I was just starting out she was able to teach in a way I could understand and I felt very at home learning with her, I also developed more than I had anticipated.Judy teaches more than singing, she teaches confidence, has you look at what’s underlying what holds you back, and she gets you to the place you want to be if you show up and do the work! I so I’lld come to session nervous and leave happy, smiling and feeling confident by the end.If you want a fun, comprehensive, enlightening way to learn to sing, Judy is absolutely for you. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Patrick IstefanidisPatrick Istefanidis ★★★★★ Judy is an excellent teacher. Through our lessons, she taught me simples tricks and best practices that allow me to hit notes with more confidence and accuracy that I use to struggle with before. She has really helped me to add power and energy to my vocals. Any student of hers is lucky to have her.SherSher ★★★★★ Judy is very good at bringing out your self confidence in your voice. Her technique is of high standards and her friendliness and competence in what she does shines through. I would recommend her for anyone who desires to sing. Not just for competition or to be on stage, learning the techniques and ability to get across my voice expanded into self confidence in other areas of my life! Thank you!Stephanie HairstonStephanie Hairston ★★★★★ I reached out to Judy after seeing her with a current student and she immediately made me feel so comfortable. Not only is she a talented singer and well rounded performer, she is so personable, positive, patience and just super sweet. She encourages me to trust and believe in myself and I always look forward to our time together. Judy helps me to find who I am as a singer/performer and we work on fundamental vocal techniques that I can use in everyday life. I would highly recommend Judy whether you’re a beginner or seasoned vocalist!Mona ScherrerMona Scherrer ★★★★★ I loved my singing lessons with Judy! Her method brought me from a beginner level, where I could barely sing, to being able to work on songs up to the point I would really enjoy listening to my own voice singing! I feel that I developed my voice and that I have the tools to be able to work on and sing almost any song - which was exactly what I was looking for! I did not expect to get such results after only 10 lessons. Thanks Judy for your kindness and teaching skills!Powerful SolutionsPowerful Solutions ★★★★★ Great teacher and an unbelievable singing technique!!!!😀Mirit MoonMirit Moon ★★★★★ Judy is the world's greatest music teacher/coach and opera singer. I wanted to sing for 45 years but thought I had a horrible voice and was scared to death to even try. Judy taught me all the basics and raised my confidence significantly. I was singing within 2 lessons and am singing now! This was my life-long dream and I'm finally on my way.Kirstie HortonKirstie Horton ★★★★★ STOP EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING AND HIRE JUDY!!! My life is forever changed by this amazing woman! She is more than a vocal coach. She is literally ARTIST DEVELOPMENT. I have gained so much confidence, vocal skill and technique than I ever could alone. Judy is kind, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. She’s walked me through building a set for my shows with songs that showcase my voice well and honestly she’s helped me to remember why I do this. She’s always saying “stay connected to your cause”. As performing Artist we want people to feel something when we sing and Judy helps make sure we are reaching those deep places that really move our audience. Forever greatful!!!MARIA LARA (HAPPY BEAUTY)MARIA LARA (HAPPY BEAUTY) ★★★★★ This is the MOST AMAZING experience, not just if you want to sing but as LIFE experience. Judy is amazing, you learn from her how to sing amazingly but you learn about LIFE too and the best part is that you’ll have SO MUCH FUN!!!! I looooove my lessons 💕💕Ximena Guerrero-SmithXimena Guerrero-Smith ★★★★★ Judy is awesome. Her care and attention to one’s progress as an artist is phenomenal. Always very validating and encouraging. I highly recommend her!Emma NagyEmma Nagy ★★★★★ I love Judy as my teacher. She has really helped me progress with my voice. She is super kind and i am very thankful for her.ohad ben davidohad ben david ★★★★★ karla knappkarla knapp ★★★★★ Judy is amazing , patient and loving... and a passionate coach. She is and excellent teacher and loves what she does.Hanna Lynn RothHanna Lynn Roth ★★★★★ Judy is very good at what she does. I know for myself I have improved just in my 10 lessons with her. I am grateful for that!Donovan DarnellDonovan Darnell ★★★★★ Judy is a phenomenal teacher and will work with you on improving your craft to a higher level. She explains how techniques work and really dives deep into it. 10/10 recommend going to work with her on improving your vocals if you are a musician.Fivos RadisFivos Radis ★★★★★ Judy is a fantastic vocal coach, just with a few lessons I saw a difference in how my voice sounds and the technique I use. She’s fantastic ✨Nathaniel AllenNathaniel Allen ★★★★★ Dr. JorgeDr. Jorge ★★★★★ She’s the best… THE BEST vocal coach in the world! I deserted my dream of being a singer long ago and after a few lessons with Judy, I started to sing and formed a band immediately and now I sing everyday and I sing better than I ever had in the past.Bernard Fialkoff DDSBernard Fialkoff DDS ★★★★★ Judy Bechar is one of the most warm, motivating human beings I know. She is always positive and empowering in her attitude. If you want to improve your singing and feel good as you do.....then call Judy and Sing !Юлия ДенекоЮлия Денеко ★★★★★ I love working with Judy! This was my best experience in singing! She definitely help to start believing in myself. She never invalidate and with Judy you believe you really can sing! Many people wish to sing but, don’t trust in themselves because of invalidation of others. But with Judy I rehabilitated my dream, and realized that I really can sing!Ivan GambaIvan Gamba ★★★★★ Judy is an incredible Singing Teacher with her oldest teaching method and she is also an amazing SHOW PRODUCER. She manage to create script, storyboard, props light etc... with her team and deliver on of the best show ever!!!!David TinocoDavid Tinoco ★★★★★ Excellent voice coach. Very easy to work with and very caring!Damien AlleyDamien Alley ★★★★★ I really enjoy working with Judy on my voice. Even though I still have a long ways to go to my ultimate goal of being able to sing publicly or on a recording, I have come a long ways with my singing voice. I always look forward to my singing classes. On a side note, my talking voice has improved a lot too since taking lessons because I have greater control now of my voice in general and understand it better now generally. My brother, niece and ex-wife all enjoy working with her as well and I have seen good improvements with all of them as well😊Carlos DayCarlos Day ★★★★★ Judy is great, passionate... and attention to detail vocal coach. She’ll build your confidence as a singer which allows you to become better singer.Timmy EvansTimmy Evans ★★★★★ My daughter has always loved performing. It started with the ABC’s when she could barely talk. Then it was “the wheels on the bus.” Then she performed in front of her church singing “Rudolph the red nose Reindeer” at our Christmas party.When she was in preschool she told the whole class that she wanted to be a singer when she grew up.She has been in many musicals. Of course I enjoyed every single one of her performances.She Recently started taking voice lessons with Judy and performed in Judy’s talent show where she sang in French “La Vie En Rose”We are so lucky to have found Judy. I would say that her singing as it at a whole new level and it has improved in such a short period of time. Judy is extremely professional and very talented herself. She exudes confidence in her students. I love her teaching style. She also sets such a good example as a human being. My daughter is really enjoying her lessons with her.I Really can’t recommend her enough.js_loader