In this course you’ll learn:

  • How to create your own voice
  • The breathing technique
  • Pronunciation when signing
  • How to learn a new song
  • The most important singing rule
  • Stage manners & confidence and more.

Singer • Songwriter • Performer

Judy Bechar is an international singer from Israel, who performs in concerts and private shows around the world.

Her rich repertoire includes select songs from famous Broadway musicals (Cabaret, Westside Story, Cats, Phantom of the Opera, The Sounds of Music, etc.), and the favorite French chansons of Edith Piaf, Yves Montand, Jacques Brel, Gilbert Bécaud.

She also sings Spanish classics such as Besa me Mucho, Granada, Historia de un Amor.

Thanks to her amazing, rich and enchanting vocals, she drifts away towards the realm of the light opera, and performs select sections from La Traviata, Carmen, The Barber of Seville.

Found in her repertoire are great and exciting renditions of sections such as Nessun Dorma and Time to Say Goodbye.

She performed many times in Israeli TV and radio shows, and got crowned as the “Israeli Edith Piaf.” Judy is a tremendous performer, a “stage dweller” with an amazing tone of voice. She performs with a 60-player philharmonic orchestra and in smaller ensembles on demand.

Judy’s greatest passion is to excite and reach every single person in the audience. She does that with tremendous professionalism and artistry, and the audience rewards her with love.

“Judy Bechar is a phenomenal singing teacher”

— Arden Taylor

“She helped me
hit my high notes …”

“I have increased the range and strength of my voice!”

“I’m singing songs I never would have imagined I’d be singing.”

“She has helped me a lot with my singing and the way I present myself on stage.”

“My range and my confidence boosted so much by working with her.”

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